The Story 

about us.

We are just ordinary people who make clothes.



Since the beginning of our creative journey we felt very much inspired by the ordinary things in life, to which not so many people give the well deserved attention, because occupied by pursuing dreams of extraordinary things and experiences. We decided that instead of chasing the extraordinary, we'll search for beauty in every day ordinary life.



This is why in our first clothing edition we introduced the indigo dyed fabric that was traditionally used as the material for working aprons. We collaborated with a small workshop based in Czech Republic, which has more than one hundred years tradition of indigo hand block printing on textiles.

The process of dyeing the fabric makes each item a slightly different tint. With the aging of the fabric, the color gently fades, creating beautiful shades of blue. Each item made from this fabric is therefore not only unique but also personal.



Our new and current edition was created through the upcycling of discarded workwear jackets. Ordinary pieces that became worthless for their primary purpose are now given a new value and life.


During our creative work we've been collecting beautiful old textiles, objects, vintage pieces and handcrafted treasures which we kept only as an inspiration for our further creative development. We decided to give those precious things new life through the upcycling process and introduce exclusive limited editions.


We don't work within seasonal collections, we create small editions, single pieces, of which there is no available stock or size range. Every product we create is therefore truly unique to you.



We will continue to reflect in our daily life and creative work values that resonate with us: a need for simple, ordinary things and timeless pieces that we believe can bring us true, simple and honest joy.